Backpack Brand – Builford Lifestyle Bag

backpack brand backpack brand - builford explorer backpack

New lifestyle bag brand, Builford attracts mainly men in their 20s and 30s.

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backpack brand – builford explorer backpack

Builford Explorer Rucksac is the typical style of outdoor backpack, but gives a classic and luxurious feeling that is not seen in many other brands.

backpack brand

It is widely used as a fashion item in everyday life due to its luxurious feel, but is also much loved as an outdoor backpack because of its durability and strong construction. The leather leash on the top can hang a sleeping bag, a knee blanket or other items. The top of the backpack and pockets are designed to shed rainwater when rained on.

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In addition, you can wear a separate waist strap in the front to prevent it from wavering while hiking or camping.

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Furthermore, two pockets on the front and both sides are made with magnets to easily store a smart phone and a wallet that’s more frequently used.

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The strong framework well maintains the shape of the bag, even while carrying very heavy loads. The padded back and shoulder straps contribute to the comfort level of the bag.

It has a separate laptop-dedicated side zipper for you to easily take a laptop out even without opening the backpack. In addition, the inside space is well designed to store an iPad, laptop, and other valuables.

It also shows quite an amazing design that does not miss any details such as a pen holder in one of the pockets.

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