Best Backpacks For Post-Graduation Travel

These heavy duty waxed canvas rucksacks are the best backpacks for post-graduation travel! Whether you’re just wandering until the fall or as long as the road leaves, you’ll want these bags by your side. 

Builford backpacks are guaranteed for life. When you just graduated, that seems like a big leap for sure. But when you have little else to count on, you want to hold onto anything you can get! After all, it’s a scary and uncertain world out there.

But don’t think too much right now about that. Instead, think of it with the exuberance and joy of Dr. Seuss’s famous book, Oh, The Places You’ll Go! And with Builford best backpacks for post-graduation travel, your mountain IS waiting! 

Best Backpacks for Post-Graduation Travel: Rucksacks and More

The classics in Builford’s collection always make for top choices. After all, they are classics for a reason!

You can’t go wrong, for example, with the Explorer Rucksack. This is always one of our top picks for travel period, so it’s definitely one of the best backpacks for post-graduation travel.

The Explorer Rucksack isn’t a traditional “backpacking” pack, but it does have a lot of volume to play with. The Roll Top Safari Backpack has more pockets to play with as well as a more traditional folding top.

The Discovery Rucksack is another great option. It has the name to remind you to keep on the adventure, long after you’ve returned home! After all, there is always more to discover, even in your own backyard. 

All Builford best backpacks for post-graduation travel are not just good for the first mountain. Whether you go back to school or not, start working, relocate, start a family, or whatever it is, your Builford backpack will be the solid bag you can count on.

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