The Best Backpacks for Hiking: Tips for Self-Isolation

Builford best backpacks for hiking photo by Alexander Klebe

There’s no need to stay stuck indoors with Builford best backpacks for hiking. There is a lot of space in nature for social distancing, and it can greatly help your mood as well. 

It is a mad, mad time. Systems and structures as we know them are crumbling and nothing is certain. We live in a time when all of us should isolate ourselves for the good of each other. Plans are disrupted, people are separated, and fear and panic are in the air. Truthfully, it’s disappointing and difficult.

But let’s take a deep breath, and remember two things. First of all, we can still safely social distance by going outside and remaining six feet away from each other. In fact, there’s a lot more space in nature.

And what’s even more beautiful, is that in just a few short days without excessive human presence, we’re seeing animals and nature return to cities. If there is ever a time to appreciate and understand how resilient and beautiful nature is, it is now.

While you’re at it, the backpack that’s been by your side will be there again. 

The Best Backpacks for Hiking Are Always from Builford

Why is waxed canvas the best? It’s all purpose and all weather, which is definitely awesome. It’s also waterproof, which is great in these days. That means just in case you pass through civilization and someone sneezes,  you can wash it clean later with no adverse effects.

Builford has a wide range of backpacks, in sizes and styles. They all have beautiful, vintage designs that throwback to a time of frontiers and pioneers. Back when there were places in the world that were unexplored, when frontiers weren’t out of our own gravity pit and just around the river bend.

So yes, right now, it is a tough time, and we know that. But let’s remember – that backpack that has taken you across the world, that has led you here and there and everywhere, will take you through this time. That’s the Builford promise.

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