Best Bags for Students: Backpacks, Messenger Bags, and More

What are the best bags for students you know?

While of course there are as many bags for students as there are fish in the sea, they all share certain requirements. At least, I think we share certain expectations of that, whether or not they are met!

At the most basic level, student bags need to carry books and notebooks. That’s really it, right? In the world of gadgetry and tech wizardry, there are dozens of backpacks and bags for students with Features.

I’d expect nothing less than smart phone charge ports powered directly with solar panels!

But having a backpack with its own AI that anticipates which class you’re going to and spits out the right textbook may not be the ideal. When it comes down to it, the bags you have are secondary to the studies themselves.

After all, the most advanced backpack in the world may study for you and edit all your essays, but at the end of the day, it’s you that needs the knowledge.

A Backpack With a Degree? Please.

Personally, the best bags for students are simpler than that. They’re solid, sturdy. They don’t lack features, but the features aren’t the focus. In short, I prefer bags that put the focus on the student. If the bag is upstaging me, then it’s lost the plot. 

That’s why I like JPNY bags for students. They have that understated quality. JPNY backpacks are not trying to be more than what they are — a tool for students. They hide nothing behind mysterious zippers. What you see is what you get. It’s honest, genuine, and they really do last as long as it looks like they will.

JPNY offers a full collection of backpacks ranging from small sizes to large travel backpacks. There are also some great messenger bags to choose from. Find them all on, and remember – it’s you who graduates, not your backpack!