Best High School Backpacks JPNY

All the models in the JPNY collection are best high school backpacks. However, the recent addition 1112 is one that is a great choice for incoming freshman and sophomores.

Best High School Backpacks: Funky and Functional

Here are a few reasons why the 1112 tops the charts of best high school backpacks!

1: Size Matters. The 1112 is one of the smaller backpacks JPNY offers. This is especially good for underclassmen.

First of all, it’s better for the body. No need to turn into a turtle with still so long before graduation! The smaller size is great for high school girls especially. Don’t worry, parents: a smaller backpack doesn’t mean your child isn’t a serious student. Besides, there is still plenty of space in the 1112 for all the books they need.

(Anyway, isn’t that what lockers are for??)

2: Fun, Youthful Design. JPNY isn’t known for its outlandish designs. So when we say “funky,” don’t imagine a disco on a bag. Actually, the 1112 is almost entirely serious. But the straps are where it gets fun. Take a look.

These best high school backpacks come in a variety of color combinations. If you feel like going serious, take both black. But why not play a little? You can grow up later.

3: Durable, Long-Lasting Material. It’s possible you’ll grow out of the backpack, but your JPNY backpack won’t grow out of you. The super tough material, a stronger and smoother version of Cordura Nylon, will not tear or break down. The zippers are all custom fit, and the seams are double-stitched.

You don’t want to worry about backpacks breaking and books falling. When you’re a freshman or sophomore, you just want to be cool – and not get into any embarrassing situations.

The 1112 and any other JPNY model are the best high school backpacks as they really help you do both. Capable, and fashionable – that’s the ticket to success!

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