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Summer and fall are biking seasons. Here in Seoul, young people flock to the Han River with their bikes, or head to the mountains for some heavy exercise. All over the world, it’s the same. It’s hard to believe now because it’s only the middle of September, but pretty soon, the weather will be too cold for biking. Take advantage of the cooler weather to take those last long rides.

Backpacks can sometimes be a bit bulky when you’re biking, but most of the time you need a bag for your extra things, like water. Or if you’re biking to commute, you’ll need your things for wherever you’re going. Instead of a backpack, then, you might want to think about bike messenger bags.

Messenger bags are great for bike riding because they are smaller and sleeker, and fit snugly against your back and hips, which means they won’t bounce around or create air resistance. Good bike messenger bags will give you all the space you need for storage without getting in the way of the most important thing – you and your bike!

John Peters New York has a great line of bike messenger bags. They are all made of high-quality Cordura Plus(r) Nylon and plastic closures. The material is lightweight and water resistant, which is great for an exercise bag. It won’t weigh you down while you’re biking. Depending on your needs, John Peters has a variety of sizes available.

If you are a hardcore biker who tackles the mountain, choose a small size to just fit your water and snacks. If you use your bike to commute to work or school, choose a larger size to keep a change of clothes and a notebook. The larger sizes can even fit books if you need it.

The shoulder strap on all models is adjustable, so you can tighten the bag to fit snugly against your body. Then hop on your bike, and go go go! You’ll find that bike messenger bags can also be used for a variety of other functions, so even when it’s too cold to bike, you won’t be stashing away the bag in the depths of your closet. John Peters New York prides itself on bags and backpacks that are squarely utilitarian and always your best companion.

Remember, these beautiful fall days won’t last forever, so head on over to John Peters New York’s website now and order your own bike messenger bag. It’s worth it to find a bag that won’t distract you, won’t get in your way, and is right there when you need it.

Our website is and you can order and ship internationally (pending stock availability).

Now, go get biking!

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