Builford Leather Story

Builford wax canvas uses Maine Martexin Original Wax canvas—the product which has a 100-year history and counting —as its main material, and some premium products are making leather product lines. Let me look at the leather used for Builford. First of all, the leather we use as the best pairing for the wax canvas material is oiled leather.


Oiled leather is a perfect match for wax canvas. The leather itself has a decidedly vintage feel. The wears and tears of age only add to this flavor, which is one of the greatest advantages of oiled leather. Normally, when leather ages or gets wet, the fibers of the leather stick together and harden, leading to cracks and breaks. Oiled leather, on the other hand, remains flexible and is completely waterproof, preventing the leather from drying out and breaking.  Because of this, the material is well-matched with the waxed canvas of Builford products, and with the correct care and products, Builford products can be used for many years to come.

Now, let me talk a bit about the leather used for most premium lines.

Most consumers cannot initially distinguish the various types of processed leather. However, over the course of time and use, it becomes easy to evaluate the quality of the leather. The highest quality leather, with the best texture and durability, is made from the outer layers of the animals’ skin. Because of its higher quality and thus higher cost, such leather is exclusively used for luxury goods.

builford bags

Builford products use natural cowhide.

The breathable pores in the leather and the brushed skin create distinctly luxurious wrinkles and texture.

Builford’s philosphy: using the best materials with a superb design.

Finally, there is something called split leather. In general, the skin of animals is 1cm in thickness and is a little thick for using in bags. The split leather thus uses their inside skin, with the natural leather—the aforementioned high-grade part—being removed from their hide. One side of the inside skin produces an outer layer-like feel through processing.

At first glance, the split leather is similar to natural leather but cannot absorb moisture and has poor ventilation. In addition, it is somewhat inferior to the outer layer leather in texture.

However, the split leather among Builford products is applied to camping and outdoor accessories used in a wild environment, in addition to fashion items.