Builford Luxury Vintage Bags and Backpacks

Builford backpacks in the rain, safe and sound!

There’s something magical about vintage — because it never goes out of style. If that sounds paradoxical, well, it is, but it’s also true. There’s just something constant about the vintage style.

Builford bags and backpacks are not “true” vintage, but they do have multiple aspects that make them feel that way. Indeed, Builford is probably best described as a luxury vintage brand, where the bags and backpacks are fashion items with old style flair and modern conveniences. 

The main reason Builford bags get their vintage feeling is from the waxed canvas material. Waxed canvas has been around since the 1930s, and it has a kind of rough, rugged association with the industrial workers of that period. But wait, I said Builford is a fashion brand, didn’t I? How does that work?

Over the course of nearly a century, that same waxed canvas formula has been perfected and adjusted to become a smooth but still incredibly durable fabric. It carries that old style feeling, but it’s been upgraded. With the addition of the premium cowhide leather and brass finishings, the Builford bags suddenly become high class products.

While most modern backpacks use plastic closures and zippers, Builford only uses brass and other metal, another reason the backpacks feel more old style (plastic closures weren’t used until the 1980s). They’re also more durable, and won’t break like cheap plastic zippers.

With their muted coloring, waxed canvas and leather, metal finishings, and unique styling, Builford bags truly have that irresistible vintage feeling. And let’s face it — they’re strong enough to last long enough to be vintage in the dictionary sense!

To find out more, visit www.builford.com!

Builford waxed canvas
Builford waxed canvas

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Builford waxed canvas bag roll top scout backpack- Dark Oak Grid