Builford Outdoors Backpacks

Here in Seoul, autumn is a brief, brilliant time of year. Over the course of two or three weeks, the weather cools, the leaves set themselves on fire, the colors burn, and then before you know it, it’s almost winter. All over the northern hemisphere, people are celebrating the end of the overwhelmingly hot days. Why not celebrate this wonderful time of year by taking a trip into nature?

While it’s true that Builford backpacks these days are great for the city and everyday use, they were originally inspired by the long tradition of outdoors backpacks. The waxed canvas material was first used by outdoors and industrial workers because of its toughness. And while our designers have reimagined that same material into high fashion backpacks and bags, the toughness remains. Builford backpacks don’t just look like outdoors backpacks, they are outdoors backpacks.

When you pack up and head into the mountains, or the forest, or wherever your favorite camping spot is, a Builford backpack might be your best companion. Many of our models, such as the Safari Roll-Top or the Scout Roll-Top, are particularly well-suited for outdoors explorers. The Discovery, Explorer, and Hunter Rucksacks are also up there, each designed with the same care and craftsmanship that fans have come to expect of Builford products.

There are many reasons why Builford bags make such great outdoors backpacks. They all feature large interior spaces with careful organization. My Builford Classic Backpack, for example, has the standard laptop compartment, but also two small extra pockets perfect for toiletries and a hidden zip pocket to keep important items safely stashed away. These kinds of details set Builford bags apart and make them great traveling bags.

The waxed canvas material is naturally suited for outdoors backpacks, as it is waterproof and incredibly durable. In Builford backpacks, we balance the waxed canvas with specially treated premium cowhide leather, which makes it immune to drying and cracking. Because of this, you won’t have to toss out the backpack after one season – even if you tuck it away all winter (which I doubt you will, when you find out how useful it is!), you can bring it out for next summer’s exploring and it will be just as good as new! If the waxing has evaporated slightly, it’s quite easy to refinish.

So revel in the beautiful weather. Do yourself a favor and marvel at the amazing thing that is Earth and nature. With one of our Builford outdoors backpacks by your side, you don’t have to worry about anything but finding the best spot to build a campfire and make those s’mores!

Builford Outdoors Backpacks


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