Crafting Fashion: Builford Bags and Backpacks

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For the last hundred years or so, consumerism has been the name of the game — buy it, use it, toss it, buy something new, repeat. But these days we’re starting to understand that a sustainable future means making things that last, things that recycle, things that are crafted. Factories and cheap copies may be all the rage now, but I’m going to step out on a limb here and say that the future is in craftsmanship and artistry, items that last a lifetime and age with grace (not plastic!).

That’s certainly what fashion bag company Builford is counting on, and I can see why it works. There’s something timeless about their bags, the kind you can picture lasting forever. But that’s not just in your head, they really do. My Builford backpack, for example, has been through all kinds of weather and been stuffed with more stuff than usually fits in a backpack, and doesn’t look much worse for the wear.

It’s come back down to that idea of craftsmanship, which is one of Builford’s core values (and why, incidentally, I like the company so much). They aren’t going to make a backpack that looks great but breaks in six months so you have to buy a new one. No, the company wants you to have this bag, this one you chose and bought, and use it for the years to come. They’re confident enough in the durability of each backpack to offer a lifetime warranty. It’s a big claim, but they stand behind it.

That’s where I think the world – and the fashion industry – is going, or going back to. Sure, everything is getting slicker and faster and more robotic, but as we look to making a sustainable future, we’ll see more companies like Builford. Making strong, durable, and beautiful items that last a lifetime.

You can find out more about the company, its policy of craftsmanship and lifetime warranty, and of course, the full line of bags and backpacks, at the website

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