Don’t Miss the Latest Models from Vogatha!

It’s been a busy year for all three of our main brands, Builford, John Peters New York, and Vogatha. Each brand has released a number of new models and expanded in exciting ways.

The brand that’s come the furthest, though, might be Vogatha. It’s definitely one of my favorites to discuss. Vogatha has always been particularly environmentally-focused. Its totes are all made from excess industrial-grade canvas, leaving zero carbon footprints. There’s also an eco canvas tote, with entirely recycled materials.

But this year we took it a step further. It’s not just about the environment, but also the creatures that live in it. We’ve taken a strong stance against using animal products in fashion. This year we’ve started developing leather-free leather for use in women’s fashion handbags.

Leather has been a staple of fashion for years, but Vogatha took a big leap of faith by producing these new models. We want to prove that vegan fashion can be just as beautiful and stylish as the traditional materials.

We expect to release many more models in our new leather-free collection soon, but for the moment we have three amazing models: the all-purpose Sophie Handbag (which comes in medium and large sizes), the incredibly diverse 3-Way Bag, and the adorable Hera Backpack.

New Collaborations

But that’s not even the end of Vogatha news. We’re following a separate path of eco-friendly fashion and started collaborating with the famous espadrilles brand, Drilleys! Drilleys also takes great care in selecting natural fibers and materials for their shoes. Now making eco totes with Vogatha, it’s the same.

Our first collaboration with Drilleys produced an eco canvas tote with the same durability as Vogatha with the adorable stripes of Drilleys. It’s hard not to love, especially for a summer’s day.

It’s been an exciting year for Vogatha, and we expect to go only up from here! For more updates, keep checking our main blog,!

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