Drilley’s New Take on the Eco Friendly Messenger Bag

When you search for eco friendly messenger bag, or canvas messenger bag, it’s all the same style. Seriously – your standard flap top messenger bag with buckles. Generally, it’s waxed canvas, because the standard “eco canvas” is too flimsy.

That’s why I was so surprised when I saw the new Drilley’s eco friendly messenger bag. It’s absolutely nothing like the other bags on the market. In some ways, it’s a bit like a cross between a tote and a messenger bag! It has one large rectangular pouch with a zipper on top, two small handles flush on either side, and a long adjustable shoulder strap.

But wait a moment. All that with simple canvas? That doesn’t seem very practical. You wouldn’t dare put a laptop inside, right?

Actually, no. Drilley’s canvas is special. 

The Secret Behind This Eco Friendly Messenger Bag

Drilley’s can get away with making a tote-like messenger bag because the canvas they use is different from the normal thin “eco canvas.”

The canvas is excess industrial strength canvas. Mostly, you’ll see it in laundry trucks in places like hotels and etc. It’s water resistant and extra strong.

Also, once it’s dyed, cut, and stamped with the looping Drilley’s logo, it’s also pretty fashionable. Yes, we do mean that. The Florida Eco Bag is cute and fun as well as being eco.

There’s definitely a mold for a general eco friendly messenger bag. But Drilley’s is breaking the mold, and it looks good. And not only does it look good, but it functions!

The extra strong canvas is stronger than you, so whatever you need to fill this messenger bag with, you can. It will fit most small laptops, books, tablets, and more. Use it as a work bag, a daily bag, a shopping bag, and more.

Want to know more? Head on over to www.drilleys.com and order yours today!