Eco Shopping Bags for Holiday Shopping

Shopping is a stressful time. This year, how about making it a little less stressful with eco shopping bags from Vogatha?

This time of year, of course, you expect to see all the blogs about what to get for whom, the best deals, the best presents. I’m guilty of it too, I know. So I’m going to step away from what you should be getting for other people, and focus on a little self-care. 

If Santa has a sack, I’m guessing it’s Vogatha

I mean, if I were Santa, I’d use an extra large from Vogatha, though maybe they’ve specially made an extra extra large for him. When it comes to shopping bags or delivery bags, there’s nothing better than Vogatha eco canvas totes. 

If you’re doing some serious shopping — think Elves — you need some serious shopping bags. With industrial-grade canvas (leftover and excess material from factories), these bags are strong. I’d be willing to bet it can carry more than you can! Those Elves might need a few of them to drag it back to the workshop!

Extra-large shopping bags at Vogatha include an extra side carrying handle. It has sturdy carrying handles and removable shoulder straps. Sling it over your back for extra easy carrying. Finally, say goodbye to trying to find a third hand for your car keys while all your bags and boxes tumble onto the slushy pavement. Eek!

If you have Vogatha shopping bags, anyway, you don’t even need to worry about that scenario — the canvas is waterproof.  Trust me, when you’re running an entire operation at the North Pole which is literally nothing but ice, you need that.

Holiday shopping bags are available at It’s not just for this season, but gift yourself for the coming years — Vogatha bags are just that durable. I mean, hey, if Santa uses it…!!