Ho Ho Ho! An Explorer Rucksack for Santa’s Midnight Ride

A Builford Explorer Rucksack is the perfect heavy duty bag for Santa’s long night! 

Everyone knows about Santa’s big sack, the one with all the presents. But don’t you think he needs another one for the front seat? He’ll need tools in case the sleigh breaks down and snacks for the hard-working reindeer. Not to mention a few pouches of magic powder for all the houses and apartments that don’t have chimneys anymore, which is quite a few!

An Explorer Rucksack would be the perfect bag for this job! 

The Explorer Rucksack for A Long Winter’s Night

It’s not a big stretch of the imagination to assume that Santa would want a waxed canvas backpack by his side.

First of all, waxed canvas is practically perfect for cold, wet conditions. It’s waterproof, and the infused cotton doesn’t freeze or crack. After all, it’s not like Santa’s sleigh is covered, unless he’s made some improvements this year!

His bag, sitting in the front seat with him, will get battered by the elements all night long. It needs to be super tough. Waxed canvas is more than up to the task.

Additionally, the Builford Explorer Rucksack is an extra large backpack with a spacious interior compartment. It needs to be! When you have to cover a third of the whole planet, multiple climates, and maybe the occasional cranky reindeer, there’s a lot of stuff to bring!

Besides – we can just imagine Santa with this waxed canvas rucksack. It’s a little vintage, a little rugged, and would look great with his suit! You can’t tell us that a man who matches his whole outfit doesn’t like fashion.

You probably don’t need a large waxed canvas rucksack for the same reason Santa does. But you’ll love it for your own snowy hikes, holiday skating and sledding trips, and more. Check out the Explorer Rucksack and all the Builford collection here! 

It’s not just the Explorer Rucksack – Builford has many other options for heavy duty, vintage waxed canvas backpacks. This one might also be an option for Santa’s Midnight Ride!