f(x) Luna’s Backpack

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Park Sun-Young, better known as Luna, is the lead singer and dancer in the K-pop girl group f(x). f(x) Luna was born on August 12, 1993, making her a fiery Leo. She was discovered in 2006 at the very young age of 13 by the popular entertainment group S.M. Entertainment after performing on the Korean television show “The Truth Game.”

After three years of hard training with her bandmates, f(x) Luna debuted in 2009 and has been enormously successful, completing world tours, winning several awards, and appearing in numerous reality shows dedicated to the band.

Aside from her band, Luna is always busy with projects. She co-hosts a music program on MTV Korea and acted in the popular TV drama “Saving Mrs. Go Bong-shil.” Without a doubt, she has had a fantastically successful career, and at only twenty-three years old, we expect more great things from her!

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