Heritage and Originality: Builford Bags

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Everywhere I look, there’s some self-help article about how to move on from the past, or let it go, or learn from it, or what the perfect balance from living in the past and the future – or the coveted ability to just live in the present.

It’s impossible to let the past go completely, so how about this theory? Learn from it, profit from the present, and keep an eye on the horizon.

Well, it’s just a personal philosophy, but it’s also the company philosophy for waxed canvas fashion bag brand Builford. Here’s what I mean:

1. Learn from the past: The original waxed canvas formula was invented in the 1930s by the Martexin family. It was mostly used for industrial workers where a tough, resilient fabric was needed. Since then, the Martexin family have handed down the recipe from generation to generation, perfecting it along the way. Because we believe that such a long history should be respected and learned from, Builford bags use the Martexin formula. Prepared and polished for almost a hundred years, our waxed canvas is top-notch quality.

2. Profit from the present: It’s a busy world full of busy people, where beautiful things also need to be usable. We need bags that can run with us, travel with us, learn with us, be thrown and stuffed and hauled and still come out the other side with the same grace as it went in. And that’s exactly what Builford bags do. High quality, luxury vintage style backpacks and bags, but when things get gritty, they’ll be there.

3. Keep an eye on the horizon: Builford respects the heritage and the history of waxed canvas and fashion, but it’s not stuck there. Our designers are always thinking ahead, trying to use what we’ve learned to anticipate what will be.

To find out more about Builford, including its philosophy, the history of the fabric, and browse the collection, please visit the website at www.builford.com or e-mail service@builford.com.

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Builford backpacks in the rain, safe and sound!
Builford backpacks in the rain, safe and sound!
Builford in the snow, protected by the wax canvas!
Builford in the snow, protected by the wax canvas!