High Quality Tote Bags for School: Eco Fashion

Once you go for tote bags for school, you’ll never go back!

We get it – backpacks are great, but they’re not for everyone. For one, it’s hard to find a backpack that’s really different or unique, and we know that school is a time to differentiate yourself. There are lots of different kinds and styles and prints; however, at the end of the day, it’s a backpack.

Now, most tote bags aren’t really appropriate for school. Not because of the style, mark you. It’s just that many “fashion” canvas bags are not as durable. They might work for a day on the town, but not for the heavy things you need for school such as textbooks and a laptop.

Drilley’s Tote Bags for School Are Durable AND Stylish

The strongest version of untreated canvas is industrial grade, which normally appears in laundry trucks or carts. It’s thicker than the usual canvas, holding its shape, appearance, and quality for years and years.

What makes Drilley’s bags great for school, however, is that they really offer a range of styles and colors. We don’t see a lot of different colors in canvas, normally just the standard cream/off white.

In the Drilley’s catalog, we have a few different options, including black, grey, khaki, and blue. One of our best-selling varieties is the striped version, which is a kind of marina style.

Beyond the new canvas colors, there are also variations on the standard tote. The Eco Cross Bag is wider and deeper, which would be great for students. It also has a shoulder strap for ease of carrying. The most recent addition to the catalog, the Florida Eco Bag, is a messenger bag style.

The Drilley’s bags are well-made and sophisticated, but they are quite fashionable. The Drilley’s logo is fun and looping, which adds character to the bags and brings in a funky flavor that students can appreciate.

This semester, check out our tote bags for school at www.drilleys.com and upgrade your look!