Holiday Shopping With A Drilley’s Shopping Tote

A shopping tote for the many states of holiday shopping! 

Maybe you love choosing gifts, finding the perfect one for all the “nice” people on your list. (And maybe the perfect revenge for all the “naughty” ones!)

Or maybe you just like to get swept up in the spirit. Even if shopping is stressful or overwhelming, you can enjoy the lights and the decorations. It is a beautiful time of year, after all!

Whatever your jam is, the Drilley’s shopping tote is a great companion. Use it to carry all your gifts home, or to carry your warm clothes until you go back outside!

Drilley’s Shopping Tote: Strong, Safe, and Stylish

When you’re looking at getting a shopping tote, never forget these three S’s! It must be strong, or it’s just another flimsy plastic bag, and you definitely don’t need more of those. The more durable, the better.

Drilley’s checks that box with industrial grade strength canvas — because it’s also excess from factory material, it comes without a separate carbon price tag. 

Most shopping totes seem safe until you take them out in winter. Then they aren’t at all! You go to a café and put it down in the wrong place once, and it’s done!

The Drilley’s shopping tote is waterproof, so you won’t ever have to worry about that. 

Finally, if you manage to get a tote that covers the first two S’s, it’s probably just a grocery bag, right? Not if it’s Drilley’s. With stripes or colors, funky lettering and accents, these bags are right up there in style.

Whether you’re out on the town to be Santa, or just enjoying the atmosphere, a Drilley’s shopping tote tucked under your arm is the perfect accessory. Find out more and browse the catalog at, and more importantly, have fun!