I’m dreaming of a JPNY Christmas…

Spring into the new year with John Peters!

New York City: snowy Times Square, 5th Avenue at night, Central Park strolls. Movies and dreams are made of New York City, and so are JPNY backpacks. I actually do mean that, in the best way a backpack could be “made of NYC”. From its founder to US-sourced materials, JPNY is as close as it comes. 

A Taste of the City in Every JPNY Bag

Checking around the brand’s website, sure you’ll find model names like “The Big Apple Backpack” and the “Manhattan Backpack.” But just putting a name on a bag doesn’t mean anything, right? I dug a bit deeper.

The ties between NYC and JPNY go well beyond just the name of the model. It starts at the beginning, with founder John Peters, a lifelong New Yorker. His work started in the city and focused on the city. His first brand, the celebrated Manhattan Portage, carried a label with the Manhattan skyline itself stitched into the material.

JPNY does not have the skyline anywhere in its stitches, but there is an undeniable urban feel to the backpacks and shoulder bags. Many of the same designs Peters created in the 1980s are still in use today. This heritage-style collection only adds to the whole picture — NYC is, of course, its own heritage.

Perhaps you buy the connection, perhaps not. Either way, it’s hard to deny the sheer quality and reliability of JPNY backpacks. From laptop backpacks, student backpacks, cross bags, messenger bags, shoulder bags, and more, there’s enough to fill (or should I say carry?) any holiday wish.

To find out more and order your own bag today, visit www.johnpetersnewyork.com. Worldwide shipping is free until the end of the year. And that’s why I’m dreaming of a JPNY Christmas!!

student backpack (11)
In the city, of the city, from the city. Pictured here, the Manhattan Backpack.