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It’s hard to predict market trends — and if that isn’t an obvious statement, I don’t know what is. But it’s true; often the fastest and best selling products are completely unexpected. But sometimes it’s not unexpected at all.

That’s the case with the John Peters New York Flap Backpack, consistently our top seller. With its unusual shape made by the top flap closure, it’s definitely unique, but unlike many brands, our “gimmick” doesn’t take away from the backpack’s usefulness, it only adds to it. 

The extra pocket on the flap gives the space a boost, and with a drawstring closure underneath, you can pack the backpack up to the brim. No space is wasted! The twin buckled straps securing the flap ensure that nothing falls out or gets left behind, which is often the case with flap or drawstring style bags.

The John Peters New York Flap Backpack is a favorite among students, as much of its products, for its durability and practicality. That’s something we really pride ourselves on at John Peters New York. With all the bags made of tough cordura plus nylon, double stitched seams, and high quality zippers, we want to make sure the bag stays together as long as you need it.

There’s also a lot to love about the different bright colors that John Peters New York backpacks come in. Because the Flap Backpack is a best seller, you have even more of a choice. Personally, I just can’t enough of that Royal Blue, but you’ll have to make your own decision.

You can’t predict the market, but we weren’t at all surprise to see the growing popularity of this awesome Flap Backpack from John Peters New York! To get yours, visit!

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