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Since it was first built, since the first skyscrapers went up and the Lady of Liberty was placed in the waters to welcome the incoming ships, people around the world (including the US) have dreamed of going to New York. Countless songs, movies, and dramas have been written about it. There are not many cities in the world that so capture the human imagination and spirit like New York City.

I was one of those dreamers too, which is how I ended up going to college there. I didn’t stay in the end, but I understand that Big Apple dreaming very well.

Now, whether you are in New York City itself or just dreaming from far away, you can carry a bit of its spirit with you with a John Peters New York backpack. Everything about John Peters New York embodies the NYC spirit: from its designer, a life-long New Yorker with a passion to create and innovate, to its sturdy, urban style. 

There’s still a lot of the American dream buried in the streets of NYC, the “if you can make it here, you’ll make it anywhere” feeling expressed by Frank Sinatra. A John Peters New York backpack is the best accessory for those hard workers that put their head up, their feet on the pavement, and get off to making things happen. Solid, sturdy, and infinitely practical, a John Peters New York bag isn’t the flashiness of 5th Avenue: it’s the gritty, creative explosion of SoHo, or the East Village.

Whether you live in the big city itself, or anywhere else in the world, swinging on a John Peters New York backpack will make you feel as unstoppable as only New York can. To find out more and order your backpack today, visit!

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