John Peters New York Messenger Bags For High School

I know backpacks are kind of the standard currency of bags in high school, but let’s rethink that for a moment. Why not go for a John Peters New York messenger bag instead?

messenger bag? Okay, I’ll have to convince you. Here’s three reasons why a messenger bag might just be the golden ticket.

1. They’re cool. Really? Really. Backpacks are always the same. Even cool backpacks (like John Peters New York backpacks) are just backpacks sometimes, right? You want to change it up, be noticed, look good. With a bag slung across your shoulder — for guys or girls — it automatically looks cool and casual.

2. They’re different. Like I said, you want to change it up sometimes, right? Everyone needs to. High school is a time to rock the boat, try new things, learn about the person you want to become. Express yourself with a colorful John Peters New York messenger bag, or maybe go for a more serious, subtle look with a darker, more professional looking bag. Question who you are, be bold, be different — sometimes it’s as simple as getting a new bag.

3. They’re useful. Sling it on, sling it off, grab homework without taking it off. Sling it cross-wise, sling it off your shoulder. Tighten up the strap and go for a bike ride, loosen it and go for the tote kind of look. With a variety of colors, styles, and sizes available at John Peters New York, there’s no chance you won’t find what you need. Did you think messenger bags were too small? Think again — John Peters New York messenger bags are designed to have the space you need. And instead of dragging it on and off your back every time you need something — just reach in and take it!

Be cool, be different, and study hard! Get shopping today on!



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