A JPNY Backpack for a One Horse Open Sleigh Ride

Whether it’s literally a sleigh ride in the snow or not, a JPNY backpack will take you through the wintry season. 

JPNY backpacks are wonderful all-purpose backpacks. For students or travelers, sports enthusiasts or beyond, the all-around functionality is impressive. A JPNY backpack is never just a solution for one problem. So if you’ve got ninety-nine problems, it can probably solve quite a few! 

What makes a JPNY Backpack so practical?

The top functionality of these urban backpacks starts with the material. 1000 Denier Cordura Plus Nylon is one of the strongest materials around. But of course it’s not just about how much it can carry.

True strength isn’t counted in weight, it’s in durability. Cordura Plus nylon doesn’t tear and shows little wear. Paired with double stitching on the seams and quality zippers, a JPNY backpack eliminates the main areas that backpacks break.

Great material must go with great design as well, and JPNY certainly does that. These backpacks cut out the noise and get down to the nitty gritty. What do you need? What is necessary, and what isn’t? The genius behind JPNY designs is not a fashion guru, he’s a man who loves to use backpacks.

It makes a huge difference. A JPNY backpack isn’t a precious gem to put in a case and admire. It’s something to use, to reach for every day, swing onto your shoulders and enjoy life. Why worry about the bag or what’s inside? Life’s too short for that.

You can find a variety of designs in the JPNY catalog. One of my current favorites is the Manhattan Backpack. It’s a medium-sized, fairly simple pack. I like it because it’s not too fancy or large, as I don’t need that much storage space right now. It’s perfect for day trips, especially playing in the snow!

There’s much more to choose from on the JPNY website though, so check it out today and find your perfect JPNY backpack!