JPNY Large Student Backpacks For a New Semester

photo by Alexander Klebe

Diversion: Focusing on one thing to hide or cover something else.

Focusing on JPNY large student backpacks is a great diversion for the oncoming semester. I mean it! Coming back from winter holidays has got to be the hardest part of the whole year. You’re relaxed, happy, and full of yummy food, ready to settle down and chill, and then BAM!

School. Homework. Yuck. 

Well, there’s nothing for it. But instead of focusing on the school itself, let’s focus on something else. Primarily, JPNY large student backpacks. 

Awesome Urban-Style Large Student Backpacks To Distract You

Let’s not think about what we need to use these backpacks for. Instead, let’s just admire what they are.

JPNY has some of the top urban styles of backpacks. From the more old school Big Apple to the new, unique 7201 style, it’s just a question of taste. Are you interested in breaking the mold, or going more vintage style? 

The interesting thing about JPNY large student backpacks is very much the diversity in style. If you think “generic student backpack” you’ll probably think of something like Jansport or similar — one compartment and a front pocket.

Everything JPNY makes, even if it comes close to “generic,” has its own little twist. Even the Manhattan Backpack, which is the closest thing you’ll find to the standard model, isn’t quite identical. It still keeps its own character.

That’s also true for the Big Apple and the Flap Backpack, both more traditional versions of the backpack.

When it comes to the new designs, it’s a different game. Usually, “innovative” large student backpacks are fashion-focused, not very large at all, and generally impractical. Not JPNY! The new models are creative and unique, but still maintain the incredibly practical base. 

JPNY large student backpacks: a fun way to focus. Find out more at!