A Lifetime With Builford Backpacks: The Guarantee

Builford backpacks aren’t perfect. As much as we try to make them so, sometimes something goes wrong. Sometimes a zipper breaks, sewing tears, leather pulls apart. When you assemble everything by hand, it’s inevitable! 

We use machines to cut the material, but everything after that is by hand. And while we try to focus on each bag – well, we’re still only human.

That’s why we have the Lifetime Guarantee. We know that if we’re going to promise that your Builford backpacks are for life, we need to back it up.

The Lifetime Guarantee is very simple. It doesn’t cover the normal wear and tear, but if your bag breaks, we’ll replace it. If the sewing tears, if the zippers break, if something happens that shouldn’t, we’ll replace it.

Crafting a Lifetime Experience of Builford Backpacks

It’s been almost two and a half years since I started using Builford backpacks. The first bag I got was the Classic Backpack when I first started writing for the brand.

While I’ve since moved almost a continent away and had to give away all the other backpacks, I still have that Classic Backpack. It feels like I’ve had it much longer. We’ve been through many adventures together, and a lot of life. 

So far, I’ve had no issues with the backpack. I’ve spoken to a few customers who did have issues, and received replacements. But as for mine, sure, it does look a little older. It’s not quite as shiny as it was, definitely.

But it’s still as tough and hard-working as ever, and trudging around with me from country to country, adventure to adventure. It’s only been two and half years, but I’m quite sure I’ll have it for much longer.

You can find out more about Builford backpacks and the lifetime guarantee at www.builford.com!!