The New Eco Friendly Bag for Sustainable Living

A couple years back when the first canvas totes came out, they were all the rage. Everyone called it an eco friendly bag, because it was reusable.

Sure, there were reusable totes before, but suddenly they started coming with cute sayings and prints. Funny text and printing helped shoot these bags to fame, with every other knick knack or tourist shop selling its own version.

But the problem with many of those original totes were that they weren’t all that durable. They were mostly thin canvas, easy to get wet or damaged. You could use it to carry just a few things. But anything too large, and you risked tearing the canvas.

Enter the Drilleys eco friendly bag

This is a bag for true sustainable living. It begins with repurposing excess industrial-grade canvas, material that would otherwise end up as trash.

There are many advantages to using this material, not the least of which is how strong it is. No more choosing between the book or the water bottle, and you can even throw in the laptop if you like!

But more importantly, the Drilleys eco friendly bag lasts more than one season. That slim little canvas creation might be cute now, but after a few months of sun and summer and sand, it’s looking much worse for wear. You’ll no doubt crumple it up or toss it, and find a new one when the warm weather returns.

Not so with Drilleys. It’s very hard to ruin one of these totes, or even crumple! You can fold it if you prefer to leave it for a few months, but because it’s waterproof, you might not even want to! 

Any Drilleys eco friendly bag has a neutral, but fun style. There are no cute sayings – as fun as they are, they resonate at certain times of your life and not others. But you can always appreciate a neutral, funky flair. A Drilleys tote is stylish now, next year, and the year after that. 

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