New Travel Backpack from Backpack Innovator JPNY

Most backpacks, be it a student backpack, a travel backpack, or hiking backpack, more or less look the same. 

Indeed, it seems as though most brands have conceded that the best formula has already been found. Their best strategy, or so they think, is to keep the same design and just add or take away some features.

One of the only brands that doesn’t follow this model that I know of is JPNY. When I see a JPNY bag, it actually looks new.

It’s no different with the new release 7300 travel backpack.

A Travel Backpack to Remember

There are some elements of the 7300 that are familiar. The long, deep main compartment, the drawstring closure, the flap top.

But I still find new ideas, new thoughts from the designer at play in the model. In fact, even when I first saw the backpack, it was arresting – simply because I haven’t seen a backpack or even a travel backpack like it. 

It’s partially due to the protected panel on the front of a smoother, tougher material. Or perhaps it’s the thoughtful placement of a small zip pouch where you might store a passport or phone.

Everything about this travel backpack, in fact, is thoughtful. Somehow in looking at it, I can tell that someone thought about it. The elements aren’t randomly added. The minimal features reinforce the impression that nothing is here by chance.

It wasn’t a blind copy or adding things “because they’re cool.” Anything on the backpack is there because the designer envisioned wearing the bag, and found he needed it.

That’s certainly been my impression from a few times in using this travel backpack! And to be honest, it’s just nice to know I’m wearing something that someone reflected on and carefully created. In an age of “everyone can make everything,” of copying and pasting and pretending it’s new, it’s terribly refreshing.

You can get your own unique travel backpack or any other JPNY bag on their website. Enjoy!