Student backpack brands: John Peters NY

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John Peter New York brand was born in New York in 1980. It is a heritage brand representing messenger bags and backpacks, which have now become the standard for student backpack brands all over the world.

The founder, John Peter, is the same designer who launched Manhattan Portage (known for its red label with the Manhattan skyline) and later Peters Mountain Works. John Peters New York, as the original brand, is known as the father brand for these offshoots.

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John Peters New York 1250 flap backpack

In 1977, John Peters made history by using plastic closures and wax cloth for the first time in backpack manufacturing. When he chose to use Cordura plus nylon for the bags, it was the first time anyone had done so.

More than 400 designs of John Peters have been copied all over the world by other student backpack brands. You can see many of those student backpack brands are still using John Peters’ designs.

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Although today many people imitate the designs and materials that John Peters revolutionized 40 years ago, we remember the original ones and are proud to be working directly with Mr. Peters on the next generation of original, top-quality student backpacks.

John Peters New York: A heritage student backpack brand from a designer who has always been at the top of the crowd.