Summer Shopping Bags: Drilley’s Eco Friendly Totes

The best summer shopping bags you’ll ever find are Drilley’s eco friendly totes. With extra space and strength to spare, these totes are the perfect accessory for summer shopping trips. 

What are summers for if not long afternoons wandering through little streets and vintage shops, farmer’s markets and hidden gems?

You’ll need good sturdy summer shopping bags for these excursions, even if you aren’t a big buyer. You want to have the option to buy if you find the right thing, and you definitely don’t want to walk away at the end of the day with handfuls of plastic.

Drilley’s eco friendly totes are a great option: eco, strong, durable, and large.

Choosing Summer Shopping Bags

One of the biggest plus points of Drilley’s is that once the summer is over, you can and will continue to use the totes.

Yes, Drilley’s totes make fantastic summer shopping bags. But they also make great all-year round bags for exactly the same reasons. 

When it’s really being put to work, the Eco Cross Bag or Earth Eco Bag can be stuffed with groceries, books, that lamp you loved at the vintage market, and more (though perhaps not at the same time).

The rest of the time, it has just enough flair to work just as well as an everyday bag. In the summers, you’ll find yourself using it as pool bag, beach bag, shopping bag, and more.

Drilley’s totes use excess industrial grade canvas, which reduces waste and creates extra strong bags. No matter what you stuff inside, the bag will hold. In fact, it’ll probably be too heavy for you before it’s too heavy for the bag! 

Don’t think twice about Drilley’s totes as your next best summer shopping bags. Order yours today at and get out into the summer fun of shopping!