The Best Messenger Bags At John Peters New York

It may be true that the singularly most useful bag ever invented is the backpack. However, those of us who work in a very formal office may argue that while they do need to carry their numerous books, notebooks, and etc, the backpack just doesn’t fit into the workplace atmosphere.

That’s when you might want to consider a messenger bag, such as the ones we have here at John Peters New York. Messenger bags are essentially a more flexible, modern version of the traditional briefcase – you know, the kind you see in old movies, carried by men in top hats and suits. Instead of carried on the back, you carried them across your body, with the strap slung off one shoulder or crossed over the body.

The messenger bag is thus named because it’s modeled from the bags the bike messengers used to carry, usually with newspapers for delivery. But these days, John Peters New York bags can carry whatever electronics you need, a book or two for the long subway commute, and that important report you promised your boss, with room to spare. Messenger bags close with a flap over the top and buckle on the other side, which keeps your belongings safe,  secure, and protected from the elements.

It’s a backpack, but not a backpack. If the subways are packed and you really want your book, you don’t need to take off the backpack and fuss about trying to get it out, you can just slip the book out of the messenger bag at your hip.messenger bag BLACK

John Peters New York has a range of shoulder bags and messenger bags which come in a variety of sizes and styles. They are all made with John Peters New York’ signature Cordura Plus Nylon, a lightweight, industrial-strength fabric that will last a good long time. They are water-resistant, and the bags are vetted for quality down to the stitching. The buckles  are high quality and all the shoulder and messenger bags feature numerous pockets for top organization.

Not only that, but they are simple and professional enough to fit into the most formal of office atmospheres. This black John Peters New York messenger bag pictured to the side, for example, would not be out of place at all with a suit and tie, and would fit innocuously under an office desk.

Lest one might think messenger bags are only appropriate for the office, they are also incredibly useful for students, bike adventures, free-lance workers, and anyone else who needs a convenient cross-body bag.

Remember, if you are searching for a top-quality bag that will last you for years and years, created with the most tried and true methods in the world, look no further than John Peters New York!

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