Top Laptop Backpacks: More Gift Ideas From JPNY

Since you’ve seen a million “gift ideas!” posts over the last two months, let me add this first: it’s almost over. Also, you know the best part about those gift posts?

They give you great ideas for what to buy for yourself later.

So let me disguise what is really a “treat yourself!” post as a holiday post in the spirit of the season, but what I mean is — you’ll probably want these JPNY laptop backpacks for yourself. 

3 Top JPNY Laptop Backpacks For The Students in Your Life (But Really, You)

I’m generally of the opinion that everyone, student or otherwise, can use a backpack. Especially us millennials. We don’t have fixed schedules and office time nearly as much as before. We are the digital nomads, artists, entrepreneurs. We travel, we commute, we move.

To do that, we need reliable, solid laptop backpacks, to keep our work — whatever it is — safe. 

These are my favorites among the JPNY collection:

1. The 5152 Laptop Backpack: Duh, right? Of course I’d choose this one, because it is literally made for the job. The main compartment is a little deeper to handle larger-size laptops. Score for gamers!

2. The Big Apple Backpack: Generally speaking, this is one of my favorite backpacks, let alone one of my favorite laptop backpacks. This is for the high-achievers, with two main compartments, each with its own zipper. As a dancer, that’s perfect for me — one compartment for the laptop, one for rehearsal clothes!

3. The Manhattan Backpack: The Manhattan is just this overall solid, down-to-earth pack. Nothing too crazy, nothing too simple. If you think the name is a little strange for a city that is pretty crazy, let me tell you what: when you live in a city like that, what you need is simple, reliable tools.

That’s what JPNY laptop backpacks are best for. So yeah, they’ll be great for gifts. But when you order one for those special people, order one for yourself too. You won’t regret it!