Top Student Backpack Brand for College: JPNY

photo by Alexander Klebe

Trying to find a good student backpack brand is tough in today’s over-saturated market. Many people probably just grab whatever’s on the shelf in the local Target or equivalent, and call it a day.

But once you look into JPNY, you might not need to worry about it again. After all, Target backpacks are the bare minimum of what a backpack requires, but a good student backpack will take you all the way. 

JPNY is a student backpack brand that’s one of the best in durability, innovation, and variety.

Same Same But Different: JPNY Student Backpack Brand

JPNY is the same because it uses certain industry standard materials. The brand prides itself on using the top tier of quality in those standards. All JPNY bags use 1000 Denier Cordura Plus Nylon, which is industrial-grade and water resistant. They also use YKK custom zippers, which prevents one of the most common causes that cheap backpacks fall apart. 

The ‘same but different’ part mostly refers to the design. Upon first glance, this student backpack brand doesn’t do anything crazy or outlandish with the design as some brands do these days. Generally, it uses a standard, accepted design (which actually, JPNY’s designer originated back in the 1980s!!).

But it’s not just the same old design either. Unlike many others, this student backpack brand has its own aesthetic and design. By varying the colors, extra reinforcements, pockets, and etc, JPNY presents a collection of bags and backpacks that are unique and stand alone. 

Once you know the JPNY look, you can pick it out easily from the standard backpack. You’ll also find JPNY backpacks last longer and are more practical than the average student backpack brand.

There’s many reasons why JPNY should be your new go to brand for student backpacks and bags. There are messenger bags and travel backpacks as well, so get shopping at!

photo by Alexander Klebe