Travel Totes at Vogatha

Whether it’s a New Year’s trip to somewhere warm or going home to visit family, many people will be traveling this time of year. Between presents and everything else that needs to be packed, there’s a lot to think of.

For short jaunts, or for carry-on items on longer jaunts, how about a Vogatha tote? Duffle bags or suitcases might come to mind first, but a tote bag is easier and more accessible. It’s true, a tote bag might not seem very practical — especially not the usual flimsy bag used for groceries or other small runs.

That’s because you haven’t yet met the Vogatha extra large tote bags. Vogatha totes are all made with industrial-grade canvas, which means these things are heavy duty. There are not your typical tote that breaks on the fourth book. They were created to hold heavy holds and keep their shape — and they do.

The extra-large tote bags really are extra large — they’ll still fit under your seat, of course, depending on how full you pack them — but they’ll fit everything you need for the weekend, or at least presents not just for mom and dad, but the whole gang. The snap at the top under the handles will keep your belongings from falling out, and the straps are long enough to sling over your shoulder or elbow, but not too long that you can’t carry by hand.

We know this is a precious time of year, so make the most of it! Don’t spend your time packing, spend your time with your loved ones. Toss it in the Vogatha extra large tote bag, and you’re good to go!

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Vogatha totes are all made from industrial-grade canvas
Vogatha totes are all made from industrial-grade canvas