Valentine’s Gifts for Her: Vogatha Totes

Roses are red, violets are blue…picking out a special gift for her on Valentine’s can be stressful. Jewelry and flowers are cliché but good standbys, but how about a gift that’s both useful and beautiful?

Vogatha tote bags are both practical and lovely. With a cream or blue colored base and linear colored highlights, the design is simple and classy. It goes with really all styles, so you don’t have to worry about getting something she won’t like.

If she doesn’t use it as a handbag or purse, you can be sure she’ll find other ways to use. Vogatha totes are all made of industrial-grade canvas, which means the bags are heavy-duty. They can be packed to the brim, loaded with more than even you can carry, and not tear or lose their shape. You’re not giving her just a bag, you’re giving her a tool for an easier life.

And if things are going well, I just have to add that a Vogatha tote is the perfect beach bag. Whether you go to get away from the cold weather or wait until the summer, she’ll be able to take her Vogatha tote with when you go.

Understanding that this is being posted on Valentine’s Day, you don’t have a lot of time, but don’t worry — good things are worth waiting for. You can order the bag on, and give her flowers today with the promise of more to come! 

vogatha x large tote 보가타 EXTRA LARGE


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