Vintage Waxed Canvas Satchels

vintage waxed canvas satchels photo by Alexander Klebe

When you google search “vintage waxed canvas satchels,” all the image results seem to more or less look the same. It’s nothing more than messenger bag with a flap closure and a leather buckle or two. The end.

Yawn. Can’t anyone think of different designs when it comes to “vintage?” And don’t you say that there weren’t as many designs back in the day – I don’t buy that at all. Have you seen what fashion used to be?

I do know of one brand, though, that does actually get out of the box and come up with unique designs: Builford. They have multiple vintage waxed canvas satchels, and they did more than just move the buckles around!

Builford offers unique designs for vintage waxed canvas satchels.

Okay, I’ll be fair: there are two bags in Builford’s collection that have flaps and leather buckles. However, what I like about both bags is that they feel intentional. It doesn’t look like someone just slapped a leather buckle on a flap and called it vintage. 

Uh oh…I spy buckles! However, the Enta Messenger Bag has its own classy flair with the leather flap and shape.

On the Jeeney Cross Body, for example, the leather straps extend up to the top with two small extra horizontal strips. The leather edging adds class and a frame to the whole look.

Those two bags aren’t the only vintage waxed canvas satchels, though. There are quite a few others, and all of them have their own unique touches. They have that same intentional feeling, that someone designed them with care and a good aesthetic sense. 

Take the Haversack, for example. Google Haversack and you get the same waxed canvas satchel, mostly a flop of folded material. Builford has its own interpretation, and it manages to look much more authentic.

Go ahead – take a look around the Builford collection, and you’ll see what I mean. Of all the vintage waxed canvas satchels I’ve found, Builford has the most mature and fashionable take.