Vogatha: The Tote That Never Goes Out of Style

Last year it seemed like tote bags were all the rage. I couldn’t go anywhere without seeing the telltale cream canvas, with some cute quote in blocky letters on the side. Now, as summer is well on its way, I expect to see them make a quick comeback. Nothing says summer like a cream tote bag!

But if there’s one tote that will never go out of fashion, it’s Vogatha. Here are three reasons why:

1. Vogatha totes don’t rely on gimmicks or cute quotes to be stylish. With striking, simple lines and a pure geometric design, the subtle beauty of Vogatha doesn’t need any extras. From bold, primary colors to lighter pastels, the contrast with the cream canvas is just as beautiful any way you look at it.

2. Vogatha totes are practical, every day bags. Most of the totes I see are made of flimsy, thin canvas. They can carry some basic things and maybe a book, but anything heavier and the material pulls out of shape, or worse, tears. But Vogatha totes are made of industrial-grade canvas, which means that no matter what goes inside, it says classy on the outside. It won’t lose its shape or tear.

3. There’s a Vogatha tote for everyone. With a variety of models and sizes from extra large with a removable shoulder strap and outside carry handle to small, lightweight shoulder bags, each tote is just as practical and beautiful as the rest.

And what’s more, because Vogatha totes are made from excess industrial-grade canvas, they’re eco-friendly. If you prefer recycled materials, there is also a line of eco totes with 100% recycled fabric.

A Vogatha tote is most certainly a fashion item — but more than that, it’s your best friend. To find out more and order yours today, visit www.vogatha.com!



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