Builford Wax Wear: Backpacks and Messenger Bags!

wax wear


The process used to make the “wax wear” material for Builford products dates back to 1938 in the USA. It was originally imagined for laborers and outdoor workers, which meant the material was made to be especially durable.

The original wax wear fabric was then studied, adapted, improved, and developed into what is currently known as Martexin Original Wax Canvas. It was a family business, and in fact the family wanted to keep the formula such a secret that they never patented the updated recipe, as patents enter the public record.

In collaboration with our Singapore/Korean joint-venture fashion brand, we’ve worked with the family to develop the original tough material into flexible, smooth fabric appropriate for fashion and luxury items. From there, our designers re-imagined the original rugged-style products into fashionable, beautiful, and of course, waterproof backpacks and bags!

The great thing about waxed canvas fabric is that it has a naturally vintage look. At Builford, we pair that with premium oiled leather and superb design to enhance the vintage style with a touch of luxury. The mix of luxury with the rugged background of the waxed canvas material lends a unique style that will steal your heart!

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