Drilleys eco friendly bags

drilleys eco friendly bags eco bags for woman

I got plenty, I want more.

When we are thinking about fashion, we mostly have bags, clothes, etc.

But we are always seeking about those things. especially you are young woman.

Yes, there are many occasion, style and seasons.

But the eco friendly bags today I want to show you is the one is enough for eco bag.

Because this is well matched with all coordination and 4 season.

Drilleys eco friendly bags – earth eco bag in black
There are 4 colors, natural, grey, khaki, and black, the fabric is natural cotton canvas and very thick for durable quality.

and good for F/W season too, because of the color and fabrics thick.

drilleys eco bag – earth eco bag

Drilleys [earth eco bag] style is large enough for shopper bag or woman’s shoulder bag.

There plenty of good style and if you want to see more, you can visit official web site : www.drilleys.com