3 Reasons John Peters New York Bags are Great for High School

Friends tell friends to get John Peters New York backpacks!

What about John Peters New York make great backpacks for high school? Here’s a quick guide to 3 reasons why JPNY is your best friend during these exciting (or forgettable) years.

1. Too many books, so little space: In high school you have a full day of classes to prepare for, with books and homework for all of them. Sure, stash a few in your locker, but there’s always more that somehow need to come with. What about all those papers? Or clothes for your after-school activities? Don’t panic: John Peters New York backpacks have it covered, with extra pockets and sleeves both inside the main compartment and in the front and side pockets. JPNY backpacks are designed to maximize their space — the flap top model’s flap has an extra pocket, for example. Whatever you need to bring, JPNY backpacks can handle it.

2. Cool backpack, dude: Do you want to blend in with the crowd? Or stand out? Just get your work done and graduate, or be on top of the school social standing? Believe it or not, John Peters New York backpacks are not outlandish enough to get you unwanted attention, but they are also fashionable enough to stand out — especially when you get the bright colored versions! They work just as well for guys and girls, and have enough of a variety to fit with all styles.

3. Mom, I broke my bag again: Something you will never have to say again! John Peters New York backpacks are tough stuff, from the industrial grade nylon to the double stitched seams. Once you get a JPNY backpack, you’re set until graduation — and after, because why not take the backpack that got you through high school all the way through college too?

There’s a lot of reasons to love John Peters New York backpacks. Head on over to www.johnpetersnewyork.com and start counting!

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