5 Things I Love About My Builford Backpack

This past January, I got a Builford Explorer Rucksack in olive. I was already interested in Builford for a variety of reasons, but this backpack — is it odd to write an ode to your backpack? Probably, but then, I’m not an ordinary girl.

Here’s 5 things I love about this backpack:

1. Everything fits: And I do mean, everything fits. I’m a busy woman, and on most days, I have a variety of places to be and things to do and things to carry to those places. It gets a little crazy sometimes. But the Builford Explorer Rucksack — and Builford bags in general — don’t look particularly bulky, but they’ve got the space where it counts. Even with changes of clothes, cosmetics, a laptop, a few notebooks, snacks, water bottles, and more, I still have room for groceries. It’s amazing. But even better, even with all that stuff…

2. It’s easy to carry: I never cease to be surprised that even with all that stuff, carrying around my Builford backpack doesn’t kill my back. It’s heavy, sure, but with the padded straps and padded back panel, it’s just fine. That’s great, because the thing about Builford bags is that…

3. It’s very diverse: By that, I mean that it’s not just “a school bag” or “my daily backpack.” Basically I have a default option: do I need a bag? Okay great, I’ll take my Builford bag. It’s the perfect size and the various pockets allow me to organize it however I like for whatever I need. This also means my backpack doesn’t also stay clean and dry, but I don’t worry about it, because…

4. It’s waterproof and wears super well: I can’t count how many times my Builford backpack has gotten rained on or accidentally put down in a puddle. It gets dragged sometimes, or tossed in a corner, but Builford bags are made from strong stuff. The waxed canvas is waterproof, the leather is already treated, and the stitching is secure. It’ll probably age better than me, but not that it needs to be any more stylish, because…

5. It’s the most stylish backpack around: Sometimes I sit on the subway and I look around at the various bags people have and I think, man, my backpack is cool. I’m not kidding — my Explorer Rucksack in particular with its olive color and stylish shape, the leather X on the front and the brass and leather finishings, is just so lovely. And even better, I get to carry it with me every day!

Get your own Builford Explorer Rucksack today at www.builford.com, and while you’re there, check out the other awesome models! 

What do you love about your Builford backpack? 

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Builford waxed canvas
Builford waxed canvas
This guy loves his Builford bag almost as much as me.
This guy loves his Builford bag almost as much as me.