A High School Backpack of Quality: JPNY

In a world as driven by education and college degrees as it is, high school is for many some of the most important years of your life. You have to be focused and prepared, all while trying to grow up in the meantime!

It’s not easy to be a high school student, so why should your high school backpack be anything less than great? You need something tough, that will hold up to your schedule.

JPNY is a brand that’s up to the challenge, and the 7005 model is one of the best as a high school backpack. That’s due to its extra compartments and storage, as well as top quality materials and build.

Making The Grade As A High School Backpack

backpacks for high schoolLet’s take a deeper look. The 7005 has a separate, slender back compartment. The padded back panel protects it, which makes it ideal for holding a laptop or more sensitive material — like that report that needs to be pristine for Mr. F, the biology teacher!

After that, you have a large main compartment, great for textbooks and notebooks. That’s followed by another slim, zippered compartment. Great for homework assignments or extra curricular stuff.

Then you have the front pocket, large enough for a tablet and any of your small things, like planners, wallets, and etc. Of course, any high school backpack isn’t complete without a pen holder, right? The front pouch at the bottom is exactly the right size for this. 

There are also buckles at the bottom if you need to strap on sports equipment or gym clothes. The two side pockets can fit water bottles. And all of this is double stitched up with industrial-grade Cordura nylon! If there ever was a high school backpack meant to last, it’s this one. 

The 7005 has a twin model, the 7007, which sports two side buckles on each side. These function to help the backpack keep its shape during those long days.

Both are available on the JPNY website here. Happy studying!

jpny high school backpack