Builford: Is Your Backpack Ready for April Showers?

Builford backpacks in the rain, safe and sound!

April showers bring May flowers, or so at least the proverb goes. It’s true though that April can be a rainy month. That’s why Builford backpacks are the best prepared for all seasons — because come rain or shine, they can handle the weather.

That’s because all Builford products are made of original Martexin Waxed Canvas, a trademarked formula that’s been handed down from generation to generation since the 1930s. You might expect waxed canvas to be sticky or leave a residue, but not this canvas. It is smooth and soft, and even better, naturally waterproof.

Even the leather used for accents in Builford bags has been specially treated and cured with oil to ensure it remains moist and soft even after getting wet. That means that when you buy a beautiful new Builford bag, you aren’t just getting that style for the next few weeks while it’s still new — several years down the road, your bag will be just as lovely as the day you bought it.

If the waxed canvas ever fades, Builford has also developed a special rewaxing formula that’s very easy to use. Just heat it, brush it on, let it dry, and like magic, your bag is restored to its usual glory!

During those April showers, you might also want to try out a Builford waxed canvas jacket, a waterproof and stylish light jacket perfect for temperamental spring weather.

No need to stay in on rainy spring days — with a Builford bag and jacket, you have nothing to worry about. Order yours online today at www.builford.com!

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