Carbon Fiber Business Backpacks at JPNY

The most famous brand making carbon fiber business backpacks currently is Tumi. Designs such as the Morley Backpack are the “unique” – as they say – blend of carbon fiber and ballistic nylon.

In the past year, however, JPNY also released three new designs. These too use ballistic nylon, carbon fiber, and saffiano leather.

Putting the two brands next to each other, we find that the JPNY carbon fiber business backpacks are sleeker than the Tumi ones. They also have with a more professional appearance.

Side by Side: Carbon Fiber Business Backpacks from JPNY and Tumi

Many Tumi backpacks, such as the Morley Backpack, have two colors. The ergonomic padding is obvious and a little bulky. For people who travel or carry laptops back and forth from work to home, this might be important.

The three JPNY carbon fiber business backpacks, on the other hand, don’t have any extra bulk or colors. It’s all smooth, sophisticated black. The combination of materials gives off a shine that’s very similar to normal leather, but several times stronger and more long-lasting.

As for the designs, the Tumi Morley Backpack, for example, is pretty standard. They do have interesting features inside, though the overall look isn’t particularly noteworthy.

While there is nothing “groundbreaking” about JPNY carbon fiber business backpacks, they do have a unique look. The 7203 backpack is simple enough, but it has a round front pocket and a sleek shape that makes it stand out.

The 3WAY bag, which can be a backpack, a briefcase, or a messenger bag according to your whim, is brilliantly designed to navigate the changes smoothly.

And the 1030C is just a classier version of the original 1030 Big Apple, one of JPNY’s bestselling packs.

In summary, we find the JPNY backpacks more sophisticated and original than the Tumi ones. For formal offices, commuting, meetings, business trips, and more, these carbon fiber business backpacks are an excellent choice. Find out more!