Classic Waxed Canvas Bag, Attracted by Old Time’ Sake

Builford, made of general fashion but with an unfamiliar waxed canvas material and containing 100 years of history, is a “luxurious vintage brand”.

This waxed canvas bag has classic mind containing philosophy inherited for 100 years.

waxed canvas bags (4)

As ‘waxed wear’ was created for hard working labor, and for rough and tough environments like hunting, canoeing , exploring, or for environments requiring waterproof functions against humidity or water, the sensitivity of Builford was created to provide a very strong impression incomparable with the design, concept, and pursuit of existing brands.

waxedcanvas bags Original waxed canvas having maintained constant philosophy since 1938.

Builford uses only a material of USA Martexin Original Waxed canvas, sustaining a long history and tradition since 1938. We re-interpreted the previous, somewhat heavy, stale waxed wear through collaboration with world top design masters, and created a unique brand containing unchanging philosophy for many years in a sensual design.

waxed canvas bag

waxed canvas bag

In particular, as most brands made of waxed canvas materials are focusing on functional aspects, they provided strong impression of a laborer or working clothes and were recognized as very old fashioned, somewhat dull products. Accordingly, they have not been settled as definite fashion items for 100 years. No brand made of waxed canvas has entered the scene even shortly as a concept design or succeeded in the market.

waxed canvas bag waxed canvas bag

Newly interpreted by world top designers and reborn in the name of Builford

Builford has a concept which has targeted and impressed manias who are not satisfied with the use of wax canvas in the existing market and has had to do the waxing on the canvas for themselves. It is a top quality bag brand to quench thirst of people, who pursue a vintage and luxury style of fashion.

waxed canvas bag (134) waxed canvas bagwaxed canvas bag waxed canvas bag

Builford has been launched in the USA, Italy, France, Sweden, China, Japan and throughout Korea. So far, WKS Global has built prestige collections with diverse designers and partners from Europe and the USA since 2005, becoming the most beloved classic luxury brand by manias.