Delicious Egg Tarts in Hong Kong

egg tart

Don’t we all love delicious egg tarts?!

They say you won’t know how to identify a good egg tart until you had a bad one. After eating the egg tarts at Tai Cheong in Hong Kong, I now know the egg tarts I had before were not good and understand why the egg tarts there are so popular.

Egg tarts in Hong Kong come in a few different pastry bases. One comes in a traditional base while another comes with puff pastry, and another comes in a cookie texture base. It’s almost impossible to choose which is the best, so I just went ahead and got one of each!

Check out the beautiful color below — scrumptious.

If you happen to be planning a trip to Hong Kong, the Tai Cheong bakery is impossible to miss! You can find many reviews and maps on the internet before you go, but don’t just read about it. These egg tarts need to be tasted to be believed!

egg tart