John Peters New York All-Purpose Backpacks

Every hero needs a trusty sidekick. You know him — the sturdy, calm, loyal companion that keeps the volatile, brilliant-but-slightly-unstable hero grounded. Together, they make an unstoppable pair, where one could not.

That’s not to say that everyone is a volatile, brilliant-but-slightly-unstable hero, but there are many who are heroes in their own way. Students, scholars, professionals, artists. And while a human sidekick is a must, you also need gear. John Peters New York backpacks play the role of both sidekick (though without the back chatter) and the reliable gear that comes through exactly when it needs to.

What makes a John Peters New York backpack so reliable? It all lies in the materials. Each backpack is made of patented Cordura Plus nylon, which is a thicker, more tear resistant fabric than canvas or regular nylon. It’s also water-resistant, which is a huge bonus in keeping your valuables intact and dry. The stitching and zippers are high quality plastic and reinforced at all the seams.

From that strong base, John Peters New York backpacks’ design make them an essential piece of gear for all everyday heroes. Padded back panels protect your back and your laptop or other electronics inside. Padded or specially wide shoulder straps protect your shoulders and allow you to carry heavy loads without injuring yourself.

And then, because every hero needs some flashy gear, John Peters New York backpacks come in a range of bright colors, adding that extra flair.

It’s both sidekick and trusty gear! For more information, visit

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Spring into the new year with John Peters!
Spring into the new year with John Peters!
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John Peters New York 1012 Manhattan backpack