John Peters New York College Backpacks

What do you need to know about John Peters New York? 

John Peters New York is the brain child of avid outdoorsman and backpack engineering genius John Peters. He revolutionized backpack-making in the 1980s to use cordura nylon instead of canvas or pure nylon and use plastic zippers instead of only metal. Almost 90% of the backpacks you see today use these materials!

As an outdoorsman, Mr. Peters needed a good, hard-working, durable backpack. He made his designs accordingly, and that’s why John Peters New York backpacks are some of the most practical and useable backpacks on the market.

What do you need to know about John Peters New York college backpacks? 

In college, you need a backpack that can take a lot of abuse, that can carry a lot, that can hold a laptop. More generally, you need a backpack you don’t need to think about, that doesn’t add any more stress to your busy life. It needs to have what you need, probably before you need it.

A John Peters New York college backpack has exactly the features you need, no more or less. It doesn’t add anything for show, or lack in anything for purposeful minimalism. It is exactly what it needs to be and what you need it to be. 

That’s the beauty of the John Peters New York college backpacks. There’s no showing off, pretending, or messing around. It’s just simply the most sturdy backpack you’ve ever had.

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