John Peters New York: Urban School Backpacks

“If I can make it there, I’m gonna make it anywhere — it’s up to you, New York!” So sang the indelible Frank Sinatra in one of his most enduring tunes. The mythical attraction of the Big Apple is hard to deny, and that includes the urban-style school backpacks of John Peters New York.

The brain-child of the acquitted backpack pioneer John Peters (also behind the icon Manhattan Portage brand, known for its red label with the Manhattan skyline), John Peters New York backpacks make for the perfect school backpack – or really, for anyone just trying to make it in this wide world, which is to say, all of us.

John Peters New York backpacks aren’t flashy, haute-couture bits of canvas that are meant to be observed and admired but never used. Precisely the opposite, in fact, they are meant to be used, loved, dragged through all seasons and weathers and daily struggles and triumphs. Made of the same durable cordura plus nylon that Mr. Peters famously pioneered as backpack material and held together with tightly stitched plastic closures and straps, they are just as enduring the Frank Sinatra’s velvet voice.

If you can make it with a John Peters New York backpack, you can make it anywhere. Jump into the bright lights of 2016 and make the Big Apple feeling wherever it is you are. Visit to learn more!

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John Peters New York 1012 Manhattan backpack