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October means lots of great things, like days that are cold enough to justify lighting the fireplaces, pumpkin treats, Halloween, and brilliant autumn colors. Unfortunately, for a significant percentage of the younger population, it also means midterms. And let’s be honest: no one likes midterms, and anyone who says they do is lying.

Midterms means late nights and dreary eyes cramming, too much coffee and too much stress. If you are a student or were a student, you know what I mean. I can’t make the exams any better, but I can suggest one thing: if you’re going to be cramming, and cramming books into your bags, you should probably consider having really darn good student backpacks to handle all of it. When you’re stressed, the smallest things can make or break a day, and a broken handle, buckle, or zipper and all those books in the mud would…well. Break it.

Honestly, I’m not trying to scare you. I’m just making a point: for any athlete, you need good equipment, and right now, you’re an athlete – at least your brain is. And you need, and deserve, good equipment to back you up. Such as John Peters New York student backpacks.

Okay okay okay, that was a strong pitch, and the metaphor was a little sketchy. I’ll admit to that. But I will stand by the claim though, because if there is one thing that John Peters New York does well, it’s student backpacks. Mostly because the backpacks are – here’s a novel idea – made for students.

So are lots of other brands too, right? Sure, I’ll give you that. It’s just that John Peters student backpacks are meant for students to be used by students, and that means that they work really well for students. The Cordura Plus Nylon is not going to break, and the high quality zippers and buckles are chosen because they won’t break. Hence, working together with quality stitching and careful design, your John Peters New York backpack is not going to quit on you when you need it the most, mostly because it will stay intact, usable, and just as brilliantly practical as the day you bought it.

And I do mean brilliantly practical. It has pockets where you need pockets but no more than that, no crazy netting, no random elastic straps. All models have the reinforced back panel that saves not only your laptop but your back as well, which is useful when you spend the rest of the time hunched over your books.

Midterms are awful, but John Peters New York student backpacks can seriously support you. Head over to to check them out!

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