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We know it: going back to school after the winter holidays is hard, especially for high school students. After just a couple short weeks of fun and holidays, getting up on that first day is harder than the bruising fall on the ice rink, and probably nothing we can tell you will change it. We won’t try and make the first day easier, but we can say this: it gets better.

How do we know that? Besides the fact that the days are getting longer and spring is now sooner rather than later, for the seniors, graduation and a whole new adventure await! And what better way to get ready to jump into a bold future with a bold new backpack that will take you through graduation and beyond?

At John Peters New York, we know about bold and new. Our founder, John Peters, was among the group of backpack pioneers back in the 80’s. He used the now-famous cordura nylon material first, as well as plastic closures and zippers. John Peters New York backpacks are still made with that same future vision and verve.

As a high school senior, now is the time to dream, and dream big. It might feel overwhelming, but there is nothing more exciting about a blank page. Get ready for graduation and all of the adventures that lie beyond with a John Peters New York backpack, a backpack that will last you through thick and thin — and finals.

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